A celebration of year-round inclusion opportunities, including inclusive hiring practices, for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness. #InclusionSaturday


In North Carolina, March 23rd, 2019, will be a day to support the many businesses that promote inclusive hiring practices for those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Whether you're a business owner, family member of someone with special needs or a friendly face with a big heart for those who are close to ours, we invite you to look around the site and help support the millions of hardworking, engaged, and highly motivated employees with I/DD and MI. But Saturday isn’t the only day to support inclusion. Together, we can support inclusion and spread its benefits every day of the year.


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Are you part of a business or team and are sitting there thinking, "Hey, this sounds wonderful and my organization does a lot to support inclusive hiring or programming," WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU ONBOARD.

Please email PR@MonarchNC.org or click sign up below with a brief description and how you'd like to partner with us and how we can help promote your business.


GETTING INVOLVED IS EASY PEASY. Use our Business Finder to discover organizations in your area that are supporting those with special needs, and pay them a visit on March 23rd. From coffee shops, to clothing stores, to everything in between, North Carolina is full of amazing companies who are invested in making a difference.

But don't wait until the big day to share your support. Help spread the word on social media! Download the graphics below and post on your favorite social network. Tag your friends, tag your mom, and help share the shop!

Across our wonderful state of North Carolina, there are many inspiring businesses and organizations that are making a big difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness. WE LOVE HEARING ABOUT THEM, AND WE THOUGHT YOU MIGHT TOO.


Columbus Industries’ Participant Greets Customers with a Smile

Amid the hectic bustle of the lunch crowd ordering their familiar favorites, Dawn Fowler ensures that the Whiteville McDonald’s dining room is five-star.


People We Support Are Committed, Dedicated and Passionate About Their Employment.

Bradley Gavriluk, 43, is currently employed by Cicis restaurant in Raleigh. Gavriluk’s warm smile and energy belies the struggles that he has overcome. In 2009, he moved to North Carolina with his wife to live near his brother and escape the New England winters but shortly after, both his wife and father passed away.


Whether it's serving a charity or local school, Sara loves to volunteer. Why? Because making others happy makes her happy.

Sara has been a loyal volunteer for Meals on Wheels and her local Albermarle School for years. She even lends her free time to neighbors, sweeping their porches and dusting their furniture. It's not for praise and it's not for money. Sara works for the simple joy of giving back to her community. Hear from the ones who know her best.


HANDmeUPs Thrift is Founded on Inclusive Hiring Principles

Training and helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find work is nothing new for Jeff Fleming and Gena Brown. They spent years working as job coaches at their previous employer. But when that training program was eliminated, Fleming and Brown were laid off. They decided to continue their work and opened HANDmeUPs Thrift Store in August 2013.


For Alex Baker, Working Hard Means Playing Hard

In our fast-paced society, staying in one job for very long is becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Alex Baker is at the popular chain restaurant, Outback, in Southern Pines more than he used to be. When he first started working there a year ago, he was in the kitchen two or three days a week. Now, he's there at least five days a week, sometimes working overtime and unexpectedly on a day off to fill in. But Baker has no complaints. In fact, he'd like to take on even more.


Monarch employment support program helps Kiara Camp take one step at a time toward progress – and hope

Sometimes finding a job helps everything else fall into place

Unlike most of us, who at least occasionally grumble at the thought of going to work, Kiara Camp, of Shelby, is thrilled every time she reports to the assisted living facility where she works as a dietary aide.


Christine Mroz Children @ Play Museum of the Outer Banks

I love playing with children. They are so much fun. The museum is such a nice place to work. And it feels good to make my own money.


Bevin Wolcott Swims Toward Opportunity

How better to prove workplace value than when entrusted with the safety of children? That's exactly what Bevin Wolcott does a few times a week at the YMCA in Albemarle where she teaches second graders how to swim.


Best Buddies Helps Foster Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Julianna Miller graduated from Wake Forest University in May 2017 and started her Master's in Education program last fall. One of the best things about staying at the university to continue her studies is the opportunity of sustaining her ongoing her friendship with her best buddy, Leeann.


A Guiding​, Helping Hand Assists in Attaining A Job Goal

Anissa Goss never realized how much she enjoyed interacting with people until given the opportunity to shine as a retail manager. Her contagious, bubbly personality and warm smile enable Goss to easily connect with customers.


Support Inclusion Saturday on March 23 Celebrates Integration

Businesses across the state of North Carolina need, want and seek skilled, talented employees. The people we support at Monarch are hearing their plea, answering the call and fulfilling the need.


Health Drive Attendees Tee Up for Rewarding Job at New Bern Golf and Country Club

Bria Harris, 21, Terrill Jones, 24, Gerald Stallings, 22, and Lamonte Williams, 35, are employed year-round as part of the club’s maintenance team and are enjoying their roles that contribute to the course’s stellar reputation. Harris, Jones, Stallings and Williams participate in Monarch's Health Drive Day Program.


For Tim Hayes, independence is a virtue. Monarch gave him the tools and confidence to build a life for himself.

At 52 years old, Tim Hayes has found new purpose through employment and taking care of his mother. "Some people need an extra push, a helping hand, to have a life for themselves," he said. Hear from Tim and his mother as they share his story of discovery and growth through their relationship with Monarch.


Alan Cremisi Is Brewing Up a Career at Second Street Sundries

Whether it's a grab-and-go breakfast or that afternoon caffeine fix, if you visit Second Street Sundries in downtown Albemarle, you'll likely find Alan Cremisi behind the counter. If you're lucky enough to find yourself there, expect nothing less than the freshest brew with an extra shot of enthusiasm.


Channing Skinner recognized for his decade-long tenure at Food Lion

In our fast-paced society, staying in one job for very long is becoming the exception rather than the rule.

But last year, Channing Skinner recently received a 10-year service award from Food Lion in Currituck County signed by Food Lion President Meg Ham. Skinner, who turns 39 this month, was honored for his long tenure, good work and dedication.


Once 'the little boy who couldn't talk,' Josh Walker now lives a busy – and vocal – life

Josh Walker lives with autism, but that doesn't stop him from living life.

In fact, you might run into him just about anywhere in Stanly County - enjoying an outing at the bowling alley, showing off his dance moves at a Joy Civitan event, helping out at a local food pantry, or discussing environmental issues at a meeting of the local beautification committee.


David Dillard's Progress and Pride at Papa John's Inspires Others

Getting a job was very important to David Dillard. After a few sample job assignments, the perfect match came along, building pizza boxes at Papa John's in Kernersville. Dillard has been working at Papa John's for almost a decade, between volunteering and other activities, folding and forming the boxes that carry all the hot, delicious pizzas.


A Smile and a Wave Sets the Stage for a Good Day at the Dowd Y

Odds are that if you've visited the Dowd YMCA near Uptown Charlotte over the last year, you've been greeted by Elijah Smith's smiling face and enthusiastic wave.


Sheila Shoe takes pride in her work at Belk

Going to work is something Sheila Show always looks forward to. She's been working at Belk in Albemarle for almost two years. "First thing I do when I get in, I ask what we're doing today and I get to work,"




Give them a shout out on social media or a digital high five and be sure to pay them a visit on March 23. And be sure to check out the many brands and companies that may not have a physical location, but put an emphasis on inclusion.



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